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    A cross between Andy Cohen, Neil Patrick Harris, and Graham Norton...Brian Rodda is the consummate entertainer, actor, and host. As a digital influencer, he has become a "go-to" host for some of the hottest red carpets in Hollywood. In 2014, Brian Rodda worked with theStream.tv as the host and producer of: Digital Natives: Content Creation’s Front Line and Tailor Made with Brian Rodda, where he shot over 60 episodes. In total, Brian has been seen in digital videos totaling over 3+ million views. Brian is a member of ATAS (Academy of Television Arts and Sciences/EMMYS), AEA (Actors Equity Association), SAG(e) (Screen Actors Guild (eligible), and IAWTV (International Academy of Web Television). When not hosting, acting, or producing, Brian can be found hiking Runyon Canyon, and exploring new cooking recipes with the exotic south American grain, Quinoa.

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